May 22, 2008


For my first post on this site, I’m going to use three (3) youtube videos to shine some light on where FFA is coming from (at least, from my perspective). I think an accurate representation would take about 126 youtube videos, but it could be done.

1. Jah Shaka tearing down a 90’s dance hall so hard that it sounds like Wolf Eyes or some shit. Check the vid around 6:16 for probably the most insane grooving i have ever seen. Also check for the excellent British white dudes with pre-rolled whiteboys behind their ears and like, Primal Scream t-shirts. Wine up I waist.

2. The first time (a very truncated) Food For Animals toured Europe, our booking agent Christoph (BILLA!!!!!) had an assistant who was, apparently, mean on the mic. The info I wrote when I uploaded this video two years ago (jesus) still rings the truest:

“Our friend from Berlin busting a serious move. Background beat courtesy of drunk Vulture V from Food For Animals and yelling courtesy of this US ex-patriot dude who was real lame.”

The best part about this video is that my friend Marc was living, for a time, with this German girl Agatha (sp?) and she translated the video for me, while listening to the lyrics on headphones:

“i’m pretty…I’m very beautiful…I’m cool…I’m cool…I’m awesome…I’m better than you at rapping…”

3. I recently read the “Invisible Jukebox” with Carl Craig from the latest issue of Wire magazine. At one point they play him “Sharevari” by A Number Of Names and he knows the song after the first clap. This is one of my all-time favorite songs; it’s so fucking coooool. I love in the video when the announcer mentions that people have called in requesting no videos, just dancing. Yes. I also love when the host butchers the group’s name and appears, undoubtedly, to be high as fuck on coke. Don’t stop till you jit enough:



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