May 29, 2008

Indulge me please…

Recently, I’ve had to renew my passport, in anticipation of future FoodForAnimals trips to Europe (July) and hopefully Japan (November).  That means, for me, its been ten years of international travel.  As to whether the impending economic/ecological crises will support another ten years of globetrotting seems pretty up-in-the-air at this point.  Perhaps this is the end of the travel (globalization) era; not only in my life, but also in history?

So sending in my passport, never to be seen again, was a little difficult for me.  I don’t really take pictures (always kills the moment), and I have a terrible memory, so I can’t help but think that something will be gone forever once I have a new passport.  So I scanned it.  Sorry.


SouthEastAsia (many stamps washed out with buttsweat)

El Salvador

More China/SouthEastAsia/Europe etc

And here’s what I looked like in 1998.  hah.

More music soon.



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