The Electrifying Mojo interviews Prince

May 29, 2008

So in February, during our last US tour with the almighty MI AMI, we went to an after-party in Detroit that celebrated the life and work of the Electrifying Mojo (aka Charles Johnson), a legendary Detroit radio personality. I also walked in on people fucking in the bathroom, but that is a different story (not really). Anyway, Mojo was one of the first DJs in America to play “white music” for black people and vice versa, making everything from the B-52s to Juan Atkins (See, in 2008, that doesn’t even seem like a ridiculous combination) come together. Click and read the legendary Prince interview.

For some reason I love this part:

PRINCE: Yeah, it’s gonna be in black and white…

MOJO: …and we know it’s gonna be quote unquote “helluva.”

another level of style

The homie/DJ/record library Ari G has a Moodymann 12″ that uses the audio of this interview as the vocals, cutting out all of the Prince parts, and looping things that Mojo says. Shit is crazy! BUT I HAVE TO FIND IT. So when (if) I find (steal) the song, i will post the mp3 ASAP.



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