Get ya buff on

June 27, 2008

I’m takin it back to lifting weights this summer. A few times a week at least me and Occmo hit the laundry room/gym and get to it.

Just like any other experience, its better if you got the right music to go along with it. Here’s my top 5 albums you need if you wanna go hard in the gym:





Food For Animals – GIRL TALK mp3


June 25, 2008


FoodForAnimals has never been too worried about the potential legal issues that surround our music.  We’ve usually sampled as we pleased and downloaded software without fear; often with pride.  But after all the mash-ups, the politics of sampling don’t really seem particularly interesting or cutting-edge anymore.   In this day and age, it all seems like not that big a deal.  Do people still get sued over samples?      (yeah probably)

So, this post is NOT about the music/politics/ideas of the new GirlTalk album or how many unlicensed samples it boasts.  This is about the albums title:

Feed The Animals


It’s kinda similar to “Food For Animals”… What’s up with that? 

Too far away to be a sample, but also a little too close for comfort.

  • I guess now I have to do a remix ASAP.
  • Here is one of my favorite essays on sampling from Plunderphonics.
  • I gotta find that tape the Rjyan “CEX” Kidwell did, under the name GirlTalk, in the Girltalk style.




June 17, 2008

I’ve got myself an alias, ladies and gentlemen. And I’ve released two classic beatz on a 7″ record. There is a whole lot of info/soundclips/ordering information if you click the colorful link below.

FUTURE TIMES is an army, better yet the Navy.

It is a beautiful day outside. So after you order my record, inside, on your computer, I hope you are in a position to enjoy it!


BELLY – Acapellas

June 13, 2008

Our album BELLY dropped a little while ago, so its probably a little too late to solicit remixes… but just in case you want/wanted it, here are the acapellas. Go crazy.

Meanwhile, here’s some stills from this huge new Bollywood Tamil epic “Dasavathaaram“. The male lead plays ten different characters (including G.W.Bush and a bushman); just to top another actor who played nine characters in a film recently (it was not Eddie Murphy).

I doubt I’ll see it ever, i just find these stills interesting.

So, I found the Moodyman song I was talking about in my Electrifying Mojo/Prince post a couple weeks ago. Rather, my mainest man Ron Morrelli played it this past Thursday on his East Village Radio show. It is track 3 (“JAN”) in the mix (link below). I was a guest, playing some of my solo stuff (Maxmillion Dunbar), including a test press of my first 7″, “Outrageous Soulz” b/w “Dreamerzzz”. I started my own label to put it out, called Future Times. My dad is executive producer/chief investor. We went halfsies.

for the stream of the mix. Special thanks to Ron Morelli, king of the mix. This is the tracklist, up until the point when we stopped writing them down:

1.mike theodore – cosmic wind doug’s edit (wurst)
2.Morning Kids – Free Luvin (Balihu)
3.Moodyman – JAN (The Prince cut)
4.Moodyman – Dance if you want to
5.Capricorn – i need love
6.Elouise Whitaker – don’t turn your back on my love

7.karen diggs – congradulations
8.portion control – the great divide

9.Max Dunbar – Outrageous Soulz (Future Times)
10.Max Dunbar – untitled (zoob) unreleased
11.Max Dunbar – Dreamerzzz Future Times
12.Max Dunbar – Te Amo II unreleased
13.New World Aquarium – the magnificent peacefrog
14.Contra Communem Opinionem – Silence in the Morning
15.Some african heat, Brian Bennet, etc etc etc


PS: The Contra Communem Opinionem track is fucking insane.

DC Show

June 10, 2008

More about this show/project soon…


June 5, 2008


I cant fully explain WHY, but I am quite pleased by this rough track list; supposedly written by the late PIMP C of UGK (posted semi-recently on

I guess I just like to imagine the everyday lives of big commercial rappers – trying to find where the myth ends and the man begins.  I like to picture them having to do the all trivial things that they would never rap about – like sitting in boring contract-negotion meetings, or listening to tons of shitty beats their friends made, or taking a shit, or sitting there with a pen-and-paper and actually writing down raps.   

Often rappers advertise themselves as effortlessly rich/famous (in direct opposition to another rapper-mythos: the hardworking hustler).  We are to believe their success comes from their charisma alone – all they have to do is turn on the mic, be their fantastic selves for 3-4 minutes, and collect the $$$.   Many rappers claim that they only do one take of songs.  Jay-Z supposedly raps only from memory.   But apparently even PIMP C, generally portrayed as one of the most uncompromising/real/raw/whatever, must organize his thoughts on loose-leaf paper just like the rest of us.

However, not all of us could concieve of song titles as fantastic as “Hairy Hole”, “You Aint Pac”, or “Finger-Fucking With My Diamonds On”,