June 5, 2008


I cant fully explain WHY, but I am quite pleased by this rough track list; supposedly written by the late PIMP C of UGK (posted semi-recently on

I guess I just like to imagine the everyday lives of big commercial rappers – trying to find where the myth ends and the man begins.  I like to picture them having to do the all trivial things that they would never rap about – like sitting in boring contract-negotion meetings, or listening to tons of shitty beats their friends made, or taking a shit, or sitting there with a pen-and-paper and actually writing down raps.   

Often rappers advertise themselves as effortlessly rich/famous (in direct opposition to another rapper-mythos: the hardworking hustler).  We are to believe their success comes from their charisma alone – all they have to do is turn on the mic, be their fantastic selves for 3-4 minutes, and collect the $$$.   Many rappers claim that they only do one take of songs.  Jay-Z supposedly raps only from memory.   But apparently even PIMP C, generally portrayed as one of the most uncompromising/real/raw/whatever, must organize his thoughts on loose-leaf paper just like the rest of us.

However, not all of us could concieve of song titles as fantastic as “Hairy Hole”, “You Aint Pac”, or “Finger-Fucking With My Diamonds On”, 




One Response to “RIP”

  1. The Young Anglo Metric said

    You should try calling those phones numbers and doing some networking.

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