June 11, 2008

So, I found the Moodyman song I was talking about in my Electrifying Mojo/Prince post a couple weeks ago. Rather, my mainest man Ron Morrelli played it this past Thursday on his East Village Radio show. It is track 3 (“JAN”) in the mix (link below). I was a guest, playing some of my solo stuff (Maxmillion Dunbar), including a test press of my first 7″, “Outrageous Soulz” b/w “Dreamerzzz”. I started my own label to put it out, called Future Times. My dad is executive producer/chief investor. We went halfsies.

for the stream of the mix. Special thanks to Ron Morelli, king of the mix. This is the tracklist, up until the point when we stopped writing them down:

1.mike theodore – cosmic wind doug’s edit (wurst)
2.Morning Kids – Free Luvin (Balihu)
3.Moodyman – JAN (The Prince cut)
4.Moodyman – Dance if you want to
5.Capricorn – i need love
6.Elouise Whitaker – don’t turn your back on my love

7.karen diggs – congradulations
8.portion control – the great divide

9.Max Dunbar – Outrageous Soulz (Future Times)
10.Max Dunbar – untitled (zoob) unreleased
11.Max Dunbar – Dreamerzzz Future Times
12.Max Dunbar – Te Amo II unreleased
13.New World Aquarium – the magnificent peacefrog
14.Contra Communem Opinionem – Silence in the Morning
15.Some african heat, Brian Bennet, etc etc etc


PS: The Contra Communem Opinionem track is fucking insane.


2 Responses to “Mojo/Prince/Moodyman/Morelli/Max”

  1. […] Meanwhile Vulture V, the main voice behind Food for Animals, has launched Future Times, a modest vinyl imprint for his solo production work. He adopted a pseudonym, Maximillion Dunbar, for his 7-inch single, “Outrageous Soulz” b/w “Dreamerzzz.” “My dad is executive producer/chief investor. We went halfsies,” he writes on Food for Animals’ blog. […]

  2. cco said

    Hey Mates thx for the nice words! 🙂



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