June 25, 2008


FoodForAnimals has never been too worried about the potential legal issues that surround our music.  We’ve usually sampled as we pleased and downloaded software without fear; often with pride.  But after all the mash-ups, the politics of sampling don’t really seem particularly interesting or cutting-edge anymore.   In this day and age, it all seems like not that big a deal.  Do people still get sued over samples?      (yeah probably)

So, this post is NOT about the music/politics/ideas of the new GirlTalk album or how many unlicensed samples it boasts.  This is about the albums title:

Feed The Animals


It’s kinda similar to “Food For Animals”… What’s up with that? 

Too far away to be a sample, but also a little too close for comfort.

  • I guess now I have to do a remix ASAP.
  • Here is one of my favorite essays on sampling from Plunderphonics.
  • I gotta find that tape the Rjyan “CEX” Kidwell did, under the name GirlTalk, in the Girltalk style.




One Response to ““FEED THE ANIMALS””

  1. IB said

    this post is missing the tag “pride”

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