Why California is Righteous

July 8, 2008

Royal Rock AKA Suga-Free – “Pure Pimp”
I first heard about this through the always-most-excellent Cocaine Blunts blog. I think of all of my female relatives/friends with a poignant tear in my soul while I listen to the lyrics, but I’ve played this at parties before and watched some of said women go buck. So hey.

Inside Out – “Burning Fight”
You guys have no idea how hard we used to mosh to this 7″ (sike, i had the CD, would love the 7″ now though, matter fact). Full disclosure, I definitely still fuck with Evil Empire. The part during “Wind Below” when the raps start and the drums cut out while the guitar is like “eeeeeeeee-ooooooooo” and Zach D is like “Flip this capital eclipse” was a major moment, still is. And when I learned that he was in a hardcore band it kind of blew my young mind, the idea that new bands could have members of older ones. And then I played a tape of it to death. This was my favorite song.

Unfortunately Rage devolved into Brodioslave, and i never fucked with Soundgarden (maybe “Spoonman”, what can i say, aux percussion). Also Tom Morello seems like a cornball, and the drummer still does that thing where his head whips back every single time he hits the snare drum. However, Zack D has some new band with the drummer from GOLDEN, which gives me such a strong Maryland buzz.

I would also like to do a comprehensive tally of dudes who are deep into hip-hop, electronic noise, house, disco, or otherwise club music production who were really into hardcore/played in hardcore bands in the late 90s. I’ve already personally met a ton. Like, if you were into Side By Side in 1998 you are very likely into Three Six, rare Turkish funk, and Adonis in 2008.

MI AMI – “Pressure” Live in Chicago.
Oh guys they are gonna tear the roof off of something in the next few months. This video is from their best show (in my humble opinion) during our tour this past February. Sickness. Also you have NO IDEA how loud (and awesome) the shit was.

Midnight Express – “Danger Zone”

EDIT: I FOUND OUT THAT MIDNIGHT EXPRESS IS NOT FROM CA! I WAS MISTAKEN. So yeah, if you were to listen to this with the top down driving around CA, it would be quite righteous.

Thanks to earcave.com for placing this treasure before my eyes. And a shout out to Dam Funk\, the funkiest dude out and about right now. Get that Burgundy City 12″!!!

In short, I can’t wait to be back in Cali, whenever that may be. I’m here dealing with this Maryland humidity scattered thunderstorm bullshit, thinking about my Cali buddies.


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