Maxmillion Dunbar – “Max Milli” (Lil’ Wayne remix)

July 9, 2008

Took a little time yesterday to make a new beat for “A Milli”, which is, of course, all over the radio all the time (and sick). I actually wish I could find the acapella for the radio remix with the other dude, who is as insane as Wayne. Can anybody enlighten me as to his name? Brisco or some shit? Anyway dude is beast.

This beat uses major samples from:
Bernard Wright – “Funky Beat”
Tyrone Brunson – “The Smurf”

AND it features some DMM (from Mi Ami) vocals that we recorded in the summer of ’06, run through the effect/chop ringer.

Maxmillion Dunbar – “Max Milli” (Lil’ Wayne remix)


One Response to “Maxmillion Dunbar – “Max Milli” (Lil’ Wayne remix)”

  1. foodforanimals said

    This was necessary, as the original beat for AMILLI was pretty unoriginal. I think wayne just wanted to rhyme over HUSTLIN and DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT.


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