September 25, 2008



Its kinda way too much, too fast,
so please be prepared…


The God Particle

September 11, 2008

Happy September 11th! Finally we’ve forgotten.

We recently ventured to the Fjords of Norway, only to find a world not unlike our own; perhaps with an over-abundance of off-shore oil, pricey Heinekens, and BASS. Some (musical) highlights from the festival included Shackleton, Black Dice, Harmonia, and The Bomb Squad. I don’t know how old the Schocklee brothers must be, but they have more energy and excitement about music/life/everything than anybody at any-age.


On the horizon for the FFA crew:

– REMIXES: Concurrent with the release of BELLY in Europe on the COCKROCKDISCO label, big Jason Forrest has solicited remixes from some fantastic beat-makers. There will be some post-dubstep insanity guaranteed. Anyone who has ever wished to hear FoodForAnimals with BASS, instead of the harsh high-end I usually dwell in, shall be satisfied. Of course, I will contribute a beast remix of my own, just to let them know who started this thing.

– SHOWS: We will be playing at Sonic Circuits Festival in DC on October 3rd. This is always an awesome experimental-music festival (in DC no less!), and we’re glad to be a part it. Also, the tactical wing (side project) HUNGRY BODIES will make a few appearances in the Baltimore area in the next month, so be ready! More info on this soon…

– VINYL: Yes, our masterpiece BELLY will finally be released on a big old slab of beautiful vinyl, by the also beautiful HOSS records. Mmm, I just can’t wait to see that artwork! Look at it and imagine it 12 inches tall towering over you…


– Finally here are some of the best images of that LARGE HADRON COLLIDER . If yr going to spend 3 Billion and endanger the stability of our physical world, best make sure that shit looks awesome!