November 22, 2008

We’re going to Japan!
real boosted…

We’re partially funding our trip through selling these limited tour/Japan CDRs, so if you want one (USA), shoot us an email.

Worship East mp3
This track will definitely be on it. Its heavy, minimal, ancient-temple, almost-live, Japan-Gamelan-something. Look at this image (that I scanned out of a NationalGeographic magazine about Laos) and you’ll understand what I mean…
Ritual Mass
Yeah, the song is just as good as the picture…

Meanwhile, prepare yourselves for this madness!

11/27 Tokyo @Shinjuku 9spices
11/28 Kyoto @ Socrates
11/29 Fukuoka @Public Space Yojigen
11/30 Kitakyushu @Megahertz
12/1 Matsuyama @Hoshizora Jett
12/2 Kochi @chaotic Noise
12/3 Kobe @Helluva Lounge
12/4 Nagoya @Huck Finn
12/5 Kanazawa @Double
12/6 Yokohama Studio 24
12/7 TBA
12/8 TBA
12/9 Tokyo Nakano Heavy Sick Zero
with Tons of breakcore goodness

I’ll be hanging around Tokyo for a few days afterwords:
playing shows in the park and soaking up Tokyo. Holler at me!

Rick Ra