November 22, 2008

We’re going to Japan!
real boosted…

We’re partially funding our trip through selling these limited tour/Japan CDRs, so if you want one (USA), shoot us an email.

Worship East mp3
This track will definitely be on it. Its heavy, minimal, ancient-temple, almost-live, Japan-Gamelan-something. Look at this image (that I scanned out of a NationalGeographic magazine about Laos) and you’ll understand what I mean…
Ritual Mass
Yeah, the song is just as good as the picture…

Meanwhile, prepare yourselves for this madness!

11/27 Tokyo @Shinjuku 9spices
11/28 Kyoto @ Socrates
11/29 Fukuoka @Public Space Yojigen
11/30 Kitakyushu @Megahertz
12/1 Matsuyama @Hoshizora Jett
12/2 Kochi @chaotic Noise
12/3 Kobe @Helluva Lounge
12/4 Nagoya @Huck Finn
12/5 Kanazawa @Double
12/6 Yokohama Studio 24
12/7 TBA
12/8 TBA
12/9 Tokyo Nakano Heavy Sick Zero
with Tons of breakcore goodness

I’ll be hanging around Tokyo for a few days afterwords:
playing shows in the park and soaking up Tokyo. Holler at me!

Rick Ra


2 Responses to “JAPAN”

  1. Zak said

    thank fukkin christ you have around three dates in the tokyo area. I’ll see y’all at the yokohama date. I work monday through friday until 930 so last train killz any weekday shows. You rule.

  2. Zak said

    are you still in tokyo? let’s fucking hang out bitch. before you leave.

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