December 22, 2008

Stop fronting, and put FoodForAnimal’s “BELLY” on your top-ten list for 2008!

We’re home from Japan.
It was definitely a good first trip for FoodForAnimals. We’ll be back for sure.
We played with so many good bands (like four or five a night), so many different styles: musicians from the US and EU are going to have to step it up.
Just a few of our favorites:

Origami – Spiritual sing-rap of a distinctively Japanese flavor
Conga Fury – Relentless crusty HC/Punk/D-Beat
Space Grinder – Self-destructive powernoise freakout
Boss of Naked – Spacey MPC trip-hop; love it because its so ugly.

Also shout-out to Japanese Noise Project: the (soon to be) definitive documentary on Japanoise.


Folk hero Dock Ellis has died.


And a little present for everyone from Maximillion Dunbar (AKA FoodForAnimal’s Vulture V) and his FutureTimes label. A warm funky mix for cold days.


1. Maxmillion Dunbar – Wouldn’t Matter
2. Autechre – Goz Quarter
3. Rhythm Based Lovers – Snow Drift
4. Dizzy K – Yes I Love You (Max D Vamp Out)
5. Isolee – Enrico
6. Kassav’ – Lagué Moin
7. Timmy Regisford – I Get Deep
8. T.O.M Project – Renaissance
9. Maxmillion Dunbar – Sugar No Guns
10. Cappuccino – Hell Dance With Me
11. XDB – F.E.B
12. Maxmillion Dunbar – Drumboogie
13. Beautiful Swimmers – Swimmer’s Groove
14. G.A.N.G – KKK
15. Goodie Mob – Black Ice (Ice You Can’t See loop)





December 6, 2008

From Japan…