Yeah, Its Summer

August 9, 2009



Whoop, we haven’t been blog-posting that much recently. But its summer, so nobody should feel too bad about a lack of internet presence. We’re still here!

Hoss Records has a sweet new website now, and tons of great new releases coming soon.

– VultureV / MaxD’s Future Times Records is thriving down in DC.

– We FoodForAnimals are wrapping up a new album, out in late 2008 / early 2009.
Get ready now.



Here’s some music MP3s, in hopes that you keep coming back!

The Lexie Mountain Boys are a Baltimore institution at this point. This is the RickRab faux-Gamelan remix for their 2009 European tour CD.

This is a Ricky/FoodForAnimals sleeper that was posted last year, but is such a lovely hazy (non-rap) sound that it begs to be heard every summer.



3 Responses to “Yeah, Its Summer”

  1. kevin said

    album out late 2008/early 2009….?

  2. Y.A.M. said

    Both late 2008 and early 2009 are a thing of the past. DOOOD.

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