Rap Dragons

March 30, 2010

This is what you will hear bumping out of every warehouse spring/summer 2010…
Highly recommended:

MOON ROCKS (Ricky Remix)

Rap Dragons are awesome kids, coming-up making-raps (hence the name) in Baltimore. They’ve got a party-friendly style and the remix stays true to that aesthetic,
but shit

BELLY (Remixes)

March 9, 2010


Its been a while since our beautiful BELLY (LP), and so alot of these remixes have seen the light of day through other sources, but here they are collected for yr listening pleasure. There’s alot of great artists and tracks here. There’s alot of the big-bass that we neglected on the album itself. Homie “Raffertie” dropped the biggest bass though. What a beast.

Love to remix. Love to be remixed.

BELLY (Remixes)