Food For Animals is a Rap (+) Group from Maryland (Baltimore/Silver Spring)











US:  We are ready and willing to play any shows we can (but we don’t have a car or a booking agent!).  To book us in America, email us directly:

EU: To book us in Europe, you gotta talk to Christoph Linder at Planet Rock. He is the best dude.



4 Responses to “INFO”

  1. mike wolfe said

    could you maybe turn the lights on on your myspace? i really love what youre doing and want to be able to put your songs on mine but i can’t ):

  2. mike wolfe said

    never mind haha

  3. Corey Clendenin said

    Hey, how’s it going?
    So I ordered your cd from Hoss Records
    through paypal about two months ago
    and still haven’t got it, nor
    has hoss through their gmail account
    responded to my emails so I’m just
    wondering: what’s the deal?

  4. revecca said

    BFP!!!!!! yr blog is awesome, but can I get some more posts pls????

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