December 22, 2008

Stop fronting, and put FoodForAnimal’s “BELLY” on your top-ten list for 2008!

We’re home from Japan.
It was definitely a good first trip for FoodForAnimals. We’ll be back for sure.
We played with so many good bands (like four or five a night), so many different styles: musicians from the US and EU are going to have to step it up.
Just a few of our favorites:

Origami – Spiritual sing-rap of a distinctively Japanese flavor
Conga Fury – Relentless crusty HC/Punk/D-Beat
Space Grinder – Self-destructive powernoise freakout
Boss of Naked – Spacey MPC trip-hop; love it because its so ugly.

Also shout-out to Japanese Noise Project: the (soon to be) definitive documentary on Japanoise.


Folk hero Dock Ellis has died.


And a little present for everyone from Maximillion Dunbar (AKA FoodForAnimal’s Vulture V) and his FutureTimes label. A warm funky mix for cold days.


1. Maxmillion Dunbar – Wouldn’t Matter
2. Autechre – Goz Quarter
3. Rhythm Based Lovers – Snow Drift
4. Dizzy K – Yes I Love You (Max D Vamp Out)
5. Isolee – Enrico
6. Kassav’ – Lagué Moin
7. Timmy Regisford – I Get Deep
8. T.O.M Project – Renaissance
9. Maxmillion Dunbar – Sugar No Guns
10. Cappuccino – Hell Dance With Me
11. XDB – F.E.B
12. Maxmillion Dunbar – Drumboogie
13. Beautiful Swimmers – Swimmer’s Groove
14. G.A.N.G – KKK
15. Goodie Mob – Black Ice (Ice You Can’t See loop)





November 22, 2008

We’re going to Japan!
real boosted…

We’re partially funding our trip through selling these limited tour/Japan CDRs, so if you want one (USA), shoot us an email.

Worship East mp3
This track will definitely be on it. Its heavy, minimal, ancient-temple, almost-live, Japan-Gamelan-something. Look at this image (that I scanned out of a NationalGeographic magazine about Laos) and you’ll understand what I mean…
Ritual Mass
Yeah, the song is just as good as the picture…

Meanwhile, prepare yourselves for this madness!

11/27 Tokyo @Shinjuku 9spices
11/28 Kyoto @ Socrates
11/29 Fukuoka @Public Space Yojigen
11/30 Kitakyushu @Megahertz
12/1 Matsuyama @Hoshizora Jett
12/2 Kochi @chaotic Noise
12/3 Kobe @Helluva Lounge
12/4 Nagoya @Huck Finn
12/5 Kanazawa @Double
12/6 Yokohama Studio 24
12/7 TBA
12/8 TBA
12/9 Tokyo Nakano Heavy Sick Zero
with Tons of breakcore goodness

I’ll be hanging around Tokyo for a few days afterwords:
playing shows in the park and soaking up Tokyo. Holler at me!

Rick Ra

B-Club Screw

October 14, 2008

Here’s something to tide you (us) over.
There’s so much more to give, but it always takes too long…

K-Swift Screwed mp3

This track is just a mix of the late K-Swift on the radio 92Q, which I screwed (w/effects too)
– long (30mins) and hard and slow
– its OK, but (you know); this is what we do to entertain ourselves in our spare time,
– so, it will be deleted soon…


September 25, 2008



Its kinda way too much, too fast,
so please be prepared…


August 27, 2008

I am posting this song as my plea to the (evil) spirits of summer: Please be hot again! Not like romantic September warmth, but like nasty sickly August hottt. Hot enough to justify laziness and nudity. Hot enough to make air-conditioners not seem completely babylon. Hot enough to use silly warning color-codes. Hot enough to potentially kill elderly and asthmatics. Where have those days gone?

This song is not really like anything I’ve ever made. Its hazy and slow and drifting and drumless. (and melodic!) You can put it on and just zone-out, hardly paying any attention to it. I made it at the beginning of this summer, mostly using the MIDI files from Will Smith’s “Summertime” but it’s not recognizable. That was a barbque jam. This is for quiet contemplation, but only because it’s to hot to do anything else.


Sup girl

August 18, 2008

yeah whoa

SO we are back from Europe and we can’t thank enough people enough, but it went great. RIP to that speaker in Copenhagen and to my sobriety in Konstanz.

We will be BACK across the oceany ocean on Sept 5th thru 7th, at Numusic, in Stavanger, Norway. The lineup for this is seriously unorthodox, a collection of past (Bomb Squad, Black Devil Disco, Harmonia) and present (Shackleton, 2562, Lindstrom (oh yes I get cosmic)) favorites. Should be insane. I might make a custom sweatshirt/”jumper”.



July 8, 2008

+ Waking up all late.

+ Getting all sweaty.

+ Lost my job.

+ Long-assed car ride.

+ Drop out of the blog (with bong in hand)

= Summer 2008 is so here.

PICNIC (Remix) MP3

This is a remix I did for this group Picnic Kibun.  They are a sorta-rap band-thing from Chile, with lyrics in Spanish/Japanese/English. I don’t really know.

If you live in S.America/Africa/Asia/Worldwide and need a remix, get at me…