WITH FAUST  (2008) 

This song was recorded with FAUST at their studio in Germany, Winter 2008. Heavy samples from The King Of Beasts; Witchdoctor.  On the new FFA album dropping any day now…


REMIXES (and other loose joints)

We love to remix. Everything is remix. That shit is the core of the FFA party program…

MI AMI (2008)


K-SWIFT (2008) RIP




    This is a Ricky/FoodForAnimals sleeper that was posted last year, but is such a lovely hazy (non-rap) sound that it begs to be heard every summer.

D.I. (Disturbed Individuals)

    D.I. is HY (FoodForAnimals) and JohnnyOc.
    This one is HY over a TeddyPendergrass/KeithSweat beat, with the smoothest PimpC flow…

BELLY  (2008) 

Belly Art

Here are a couple of heavy tracks off of our masterpiece BELLY (Hoss Records, 2007).  Pitchfork gave that it an 8.1!  The Wire said we did too many drugs!  Its out in the EU now on Cock Rock Disco (Jason Forrest). Out on vinyl any minute now.

 And for any/all remixers/nerds, here are the acapellas.  Have fun!



These tracks are from our debut EP SCAVENGERS (Muckamuck Produce).  Some real raw dogs.  This is a little old at this point, but this is where we came from!  Some songs were also on this great (free) compilation from Cock Rock Disco.



And of course we did a ton of out-there remixes after the EP dropped.  Really, the Remix EP was  better/crazier than the real EP was!  You can still get this from Muckamuck also.



Strictly Ricky

“Strictly Ricky”is the over-appropriately titled full length from main beatmaker Ricky. This music existed before there was a FoodForAnimals (2002), though quite a few of these hectic-assed beats got rapped over eventually. From smothering suburban boredom and confused technophobia, this tech-sample masterpiece/madness emerged.

Download all of STRICTLY RICKY zip

More to come!


12 Responses to “MP3s”

  1. panda said

    “Strictly Ricky” album link is broken.

  2. panda said

    oh my, thank you.

    it’s nutty as hell, i love it.

    how’s an east coast tour looking?

  3. LKE said

    you guys are sick..scavengers kills! i need you tourin in the uk.. i’ll throw down for sure.. cant wait for belly vinyl.. X

  4. Akwalek said

    many thx for soundz n acapellas, might give it a twist
    big up guys, keep goin

  5. etruscan said

    Cool re the Bellyacapellys; I’m hoping to have some fun with these and will plug your ears into any worthwhile results 😀

  6. Antony said

    kick ass!
    beauty acapellas for fuckin’ remixes …
    still wait new show in France
    keep goin’

    DI song’s link is broken (in homepage).

  7. etruscan said

    I finally finished my interpretation of Bulk Gummies (thanks for the samples); here it is:


    I haven’t heard the original! (I didn’t want to colour my take on the a capellas.) For all I know I’ve completely ripped it off. I don’t dare listen to it because it will make mine sound lame. All the same, hope you like it 🙂

  8. Interesting story:D Will visit soon:)

  9. Juan said

    Food for animlas have a new fan in Mexico!

  10. r. said

    Dear FFA, keep the fucking good job, I just love your work. Specially Bulk Gummies, Elephants and the “unreleased” Planet Says. Cheers from Brazil.

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