Yeah, Its Summer

August 9, 2009



Whoop, we haven’t been blog-posting that much recently. But its summer, so nobody should feel too bad about a lack of internet presence. We’re still here!

Hoss Records has a sweet new website now, and tons of great new releases coming soon.

– VultureV / MaxD’s Future Times Records is thriving down in DC.

– We FoodForAnimals are wrapping up a new album, out in late 2008 / early 2009.
Get ready now.



Here’s some music MP3s, in hopes that you keep coming back!

The Lexie Mountain Boys are a Baltimore institution at this point. This is the RickRab faux-Gamelan remix for their 2009 European tour CD.

This is a Ricky/FoodForAnimals sleeper that was posted last year, but is such a lovely hazy (non-rap) sound that it begs to be heard every summer.



May 13, 2009

Do you know DI? It’s HY (FoodForAnimals) and JohnnyOc.
Doing their thing recently, all over DC.
Oh, this one is so smooth…
HY over a TeddyPendergrass/KeithSweat beat, smoothest PimpC flow.
Download it and love it.

Makin Cash Forever

BELLY – Vinyl

April 27, 2009

(this is the CD art; but the vinyl looks pretty close, just bigger)

(this is the CD art; but the vinyl looks pretty close, just bigger)

Our masterpiece BELLY, is finally out on vinyl!
Heavy transparent orange vinyl…
Real DJs get two!

Monsters of CRD

April 9, 2009


April 2, 2009

BEAUTIFUL SWIMMERS is MaxD (aka VultureV from FoodForAnimals) and the wonderful AriG, rescuing boogie obscurities from their massive collections.  “Lifeguards for the Vibe!”  Mouth-to-mouth Resuscitation, for sure.  Their debut 12″ is out now on FutureTimes records (VV’s dancefloor-friendly label). The video is by NY’s-finest Aurora and friends. Highly recommended.  Pick up a copy asap!

Remix – Bleubird

March 22, 2009


We met this rapper Bleubird in Berlin last year and played a few shows with him. He has a good attitude. Better than most people making music.
From wikipedia: “Bleubird is a rap artist originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. He is known for his rapid-fire delivery, comic relief, lyrical wit, and freestyle ability.”
He’s tour now.
We’ve got a powerful new synthersizer and he requested the remix. So its bubbling synths everywhere.

Bleubird – FoodForAnimals/Ricky Remix.mp3



March 7, 2009

MiAmi, FoodForAnimals, LexieMountainBoys


March 3, 2009

Generic Mi-Ami Image

Generic Mi-Ami Image


Everyone around here is excited that Mi-Ami is coming through!
A year ago (can it be so long?) we FoodForAnimals were traveling all around the US with SanFrancisco rhythm-masters Mi-Ami. Only year later, and they’ve put out so many good records, on so many good labels, going for it.
If you havent heard their magic yet: find and listen asap!

March 10th 2009
Velvet Lounge, Washington DC


Here’s a MI-AMI remix I did in preparation for last year’s (2008) tour.  This is one of my favorite remixes I have ever participated in, so download without caution or fear because this is straight-fire!  There is a fucking guitar solo!

Mi Ami – African Rhythms (Ricky Remix)

Oh, and also here is a fun flier I found in my archives (unused because Pissed Jeans canceled this show). This is from last year, so don’t go to Floristree on Valentine’s Day because that shit already happened!

From 2008

This is from 2008, I just wanted to show my skills in 2009.

Ha! Show

February 17, 2009

A funny video promoting our show in Baltimore, Saturday Feb 21st.

Baltimore Show – 2009A

January 28, 2009