12/09/2008 @ Nakano Heavy Sick Zero w/ Sicboy, Ove-Naxx, Dokebbi Q and more
Tokyo, Tokyo

12/06/2008 @ Studio 24

12/04/2008 @ Huck Finn

12/03/2008 @ Helluva Lounge

12/02/2008 @ Chaotic Noise Kochi,

12/01/2008 @ Hoshizora Jett

11/30/2008 @ Megahertz

11/29/2008 @ Public Space Yojigen
Fukuoka, Fukuoka

11/28/2008 @ Socrates [Edit] [Cancel]
Kyoto, Kyoto

11/27/2008 @ Shinjuku 9 Spices
Tokyo, Tokyo

Get yr plane tickets now…
Tell a friend!


Sonic Circuits Festival
October 3rd 2008
Washington DC


In NORWAY September 5-7th! Just for the festival, just for the weekend!



EU Tour Summer 2008

July 24th – Wroclaw, Poland @ Era – Nowe Horyzonty Festival
July 25th – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Under Vand
July 26th – Norberg, Sweden @ Norberg Festival (w/ Skream, Bong-Ra, others)
July 28th – Berlin, Germany @ Dense Records (in-store event)
July 29th – Berlin, Germany @ Bar 25
July 30th – Leipzig, Germany @ Zoro
July 31st – Dudingen, Switzerland @ Bad Bonn (w/ DJ Fett)
August 3rd – Scheer, Germany @ Klangbad Festival (w/ Mouse On Mars, John Tchicai, Faust, Moebius, and many many others)

6 Responses to “SHOWS”

  1. Rick Lewis said

    Glad To see you back in the U.S. Saw you open for Subtle at the Black Cat a while back and looking foward to catching the show Sat.

  2. etruscan said

    What would it take to get you guys over to Australia? . . .

  3. dronesworkhard said

    west coast tour? possible dead vice prez collab? just sayn.

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